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Van Nelson



First Appearance

AE-2 (Part 2) Chapter 78




5ft 11in


IAN School Student


Van Nelson is the younger brother of Ray Nelson and son of Robert Nelson and Rhea Zail. He was a former Knight trainee under Leny and he dropped out of the program after suffering mental trauma due to losing control and seriously wounding a fellow trainee during a sparing match. He has low power of the Zail Family blood, unlike his brother Ray.

When the fragments of the Blue Flower fell on Tobal during the Battle of Tobal, not only did it destroy the environment, but it also casued Leah's death. Due to that Sion was hated by Van when he found out she was the daughter of Eve in AE2 - Ch16.

Later, after Van realized Sion's health was rapidly decaying, he decided to forgive her and slowly fell in love. Forming his resolve to rescue her from the space elevator, becoming the enemy of Tobal in the process, also formed his resolve to be honest with his feelings towards her.

Van does not have a truly notable paranormal power, rather, it's a very simple and rather weak form of deductive precognition where by studying the form and movement of the other party, he can predict their future movements. Van's style is an incomplete variation of Leny's and he uses the power of his Zail Family blood to imitate her style. Because it's more of an imitation, it's significantly weaker than the original and he suffers even greater side effects than she does. This is due to her being a so-called Curser.[1] Leny uses an upgraded version of the "Six Evils and One God Style.

Van Nelson's ability[]

The great majority of his power is derived from his sword style, which is the Six Demons in One God Style, taught to him by Leny. Van Nelson, thanks to not practicing rigorously, uses more of an incomplete imitation of Leny's version. 

The 'Six Demons' in the name of the sword style are 6 separate techniques, essentially saying that by perfecting these 6 techniques, you will become a God of battle.

  1. 1st Demon: Je Hi Princess of Disaster - It appears to be some form of movement technique where by moving the muscles in a specific manner, the user can use super fast movements.
  2. 2nd Demon: Hyung Sa Fierce Snake - A form of force projection where the user can extend the range of their strike through a sword to huge distances.
  3. 3rd Demon: Ma Gyuong Whe Chun Spinning within the Demonic Realm - A rotary force technique where through rotations, the user can increase the force of their strikes greatly.
  4. 4th Demon: Na Chal Shift-brake - An unusual form of reverse Iaidou technique, the user, rather than drawing the sword and slashing in one motion, rather sheathes the sword, sending out a very powerful slash much like the 2nd Demon does.
  5. 5th Demon: Ma Sun Demonic Strokes - A more conventional Iaidou technique where the user throw
  6. 6th Demon: Ma Wang King of Demons - A power increasing technique rather than an attacking technique, the user sacrifices their own body to exponentially increase their own power. Used in conjunction with the other techniques of Six Demons in One God, it allows one to attain power at the very top level.