Second Battle of Tobal
Part of War of Prayer
Second battle of tobal
Date CC 430.12.24 - CC 431.01.03
Location Tobal

E-34's campaign for human extinction

  • Destruction of Tobal's surface
  • Unification of the planet; formation of Tobal Union
  • Knights expelled from Tobal due to anti-Knights backlash
  • Lian
  • Utah
  • Others

General Nelson
Queen E-34
EX-Type Two Chatterbox
  • Unknown

EX-Type Two Chatterbox
Blue Flower
Flying Beast
Casualties and losses
Numerous military and civilian casualties

Entire continents destroyed
Blue Flower

The Second Battle of Tobal (CC 430.12.24 - CC 431.01.03) was a Beast Blue Flower attack on Planet Tobal as part of the War of Prayer, and of the larger Human-Beast conflict. It lasted for ten days from 24 December 430 CC to 03 January 431 CC.

The Queen E-34, as part of its campaign to completely eradicate humanity, created numerous Blue Flowers using the resources of the capital planet Arin. Hacking into the Central Order system, E-34 directed each of the Blue Flowers to target critical planets providing logistical and military support to the war effort against Beasts, and to cripple any sizeable force capable of threatening her. One of these Blue Flowers warped within the atmosphere of Tobal before accurately attacking all significant military bases and formations with a continuous particle beam tracing over the planet's surface, destroying everything in its path. In the process of doing so, the destructive attack caused almost all of Tobal's continents to collapse into the ocean.[1]

Another Episode-2 A Village Where You Are provides significant coverage of the actual battle. It also extensively covers the aftermath of the battle and other related events. Actual events of the battle were shown in AE-2 (Part 1) Ch.77 and AE-2 (Part 2) Ch.78.


Blue FLower in Tobal

A Blue Flower suddenly warps within Tobal atmosphere

Tobal was far from the known conflict zone with Beasts on the frontiers as such it was caught completely off-guarded by the Blue Flower. The planet served as a research and development hub for the Knights and other organizations such as PPP due to several nearby Ground Zeroes which contained lost technologies from the Innovation Empire and crucial specimens from fallen Beasts. Artifacts such as the Mnemeion, Mysteltein, and the physical body of Eve Zail are found in Tobal and on its moon, Vine. Robert Nelson remarked to President Billy that the Beasts targeted Tobal precisely because of its Ground Zeroes and the concentration of Knight Order facilities and other presence on the planet.

Due to such resources, AE and Knights deliberately intervened with the domestic politics of Tobal by ensuring that there is no unified planetary government unlike other planets such as Arin and Valtia. Instead, there are competing states that are either aligned with AE or the Knights according to their respective national governments. Utah and Lian, the two local superpowers, are in the AE and Knights faction respectively.

When the War of Prayer erupted, Queen E-34 already knew of the existence of advance R&D facilities hidden in Tobal. She then directed a section of her brood to specifically target and completely destroy Tobal to cripple humanity's effective fighting strength. Thus, the presence of Knight Order facilities in Tobal (made possible with deeply entrenched local alliances) attracted the Beast attack.


Tobal initiatveEdit

Planet shield Tobal Knights

Knights' Planetary Shields

Tobal coalition vs blue flower

Tobal coalition following General Nelson's plan

Tobal, more used to combat against fellow humans than Beasts due to the domestic political situation, was at a disadvantage at mounting an effective counter response to the Blue Flower threat. All national governments implicitly made a truce to form a coalition against the Blue Flower. General Robert Nelson, leading the Republic of Lian's military, commented that it was the first time the planet ever became united.

General Nelson already knew that destroying the Blue Flower while it is within the planet's atmosphere would lead to dire consequences - the debris would rain down on Tobal and erode the surface. He then devised a strategy to destroy the Blue Flower once they manage to draw it to outer space. Utilizing Lian's position as a research and development hub for the Knights, General Nelson sequestered numerous mobile planetary shields, developed by the Knights in anticipation for a confrontation with AE, to physically push the Blue Flower out of the atmosphere. Despite heavy casualties and loss of several warships, the strategy appeared to be effective until the intervention of the Knights.

General Nelson upon spotting a Knight ship hovering over the Blue Flower, already knew that the Knights would prevent the Blue Flower from reaching the plant's orbit. Despite pleading to at least wait for the Blue Flower to reach the outer atmosphere, the Knights launched their intervention.

Knights initiativeEdit

Blue bee laser sword

Blue Bee clearing the way for the Knights

Tobal BF core chamber

Knights attacking the Blue Flower's core chamber

Chimera berserk

Original Chimera going berserk

The Knights intervened with a completely different strategy and objective from Nelson's. The Blue Flower attack on Tobal not only destroyed a human world, it also denied Dry Leonhard's New Alliance a secure retreat route from the Third Battle of Arin. Attempting to push back the Blue Flower to outer space would also risk it warping to safety or to roam for other valuable targets once it gets out of Tobal's atmosphere. Cross Society agent Leny was at Planet Velchees overseeing the reactivation of two Cold Heroes (Sion Zail and the Original Chimera) initially meant to be reinforcements for Arin. Dry sent emergency instructions for Leny to divert to Tobal instead and destroy the Blue Flower. Leny, despite fully knowing the risks of her mission, proceeded to intervene with a single Knight ship to land them on the mobile beast fortress. PPP provided assistance by deploying their prototype armor suit, "Blue Bee", as an escort and to secure a landing route for the three Knights. Blue Bee and its pilot successfully managed to suppress every intercepting Beast until Leny, Sion, and the Original Chimera were able to forcibly infiltrate the Blue Flower to hunt down its cores.

The Knights managed to take down several high rank Beasts and successfully reach the main core. By severing the core, the Blue Flower abruptly stopped signifying that it had already been deactivated. It was implied in the story that Leny carefully supervised the operation and deliberately chose to deactivate, not destroy, the Blue Flower so as to avert a disastrous scenario of having massive debris fall from the sky and eroding the surface below.

Unfortunately, the Original Chimera went completely berserk from absorbing too much energy. Her rampage excessively damaged the Blue Flower from the inside. The Beast fortress then collapsed with huge chunks of its severed parts raining down on Tobal. Along their trajectory, the debris became massive projectiles ramming the amassed Tobal fleet engaging the Beasts immediately below. Considering that their objective was still completed despite the disaster, Leny called for the withdrawal of the Knights from Tobal. The Knights initially regrouped at a secret Knight facility at Vine while observing the aftermath of the battle (the events of Another Episode-2 A Village Where You Are) and recuperating the injuries received by Leny and the Original Chimera.


BF debris
BF debris 2

Blue Flower debris falling to the surface

Madison bridge destroyed

Lian military destroying Madison Bridge to deter the surge of refugees

Tobal refugee camp bombing

Refugee camps being bombed under General Vin, an ally of President Billy

The initial attack of the Blue Flower destroyed the ecosystem and continental structure of Tobal. Several landmasses fell to the ocean, leaving only one continent intact. The collective military potential of Tobal was substantially crippled as the Blue Flower targeted important military sites and infrastructure including confidential bases since E-34 hacked into the Central Order system to pinpoint and ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of humanity's defense. The significant reduction of military prowess left Tobal with little to no power to repel further Beasts invasion, or resist the AE or Knights. Additionally, it also deployed several high class AGs that targeted civilian centers, massacring humans as envisioned by their Queen.

As a consequence of the Original Chimera going berserk, the scattered Blue Flower debris did not just damage the surface upon impact, it also started eroding the planet from all over simultaneously. Beasts were sighted within the vicinity of the affected areas. Sion Zail managed to subdue the Original Chimera's rampage by skillfully severing the latter's right horn. During the chaos, Sion spotted the fleeing EX-Type Two commander (later identified as Chatterbox) but chose to ignore it as the priority of the situation was to neutralize the Original Chimera.

Since the existence of the Original Chimera is kept confidential outside the Knight Order, Sion then discussed with Leny that she would solely take responsibility for the disaster of the battle. Since Leny could not compromise the covert interventions of Cross Society in Tobal, she therefore agreed to portraying Sion as the scapegoat. For the majority of Tobal, the Knights were thereafter seen as reckless uncontrollable monsters, personified by Sion, that are depended upon as mercenaries due to necessity against Beast threats.

The whole planet was in disarray and not one national government managed to maintain its services and function saved for Lian which was situated in the continent spared from the Blue Flower attack. Refugees from other countries, both allied and hostile, started pouring in to Lian. The Lian national government, headed by President Billy responded by increasing border security and cracking down on refugees for fear that the influx of people would destabilize his regime. He authorized the use of deadly force in suppressing the remaining beasts on the planet surface but most of the operations took place in refugee camps where the refugees were made as the actual targets. In response to civilian inspections, the military, at least those loyal to Billy, replied that the refugee casualties were unfortunate collateral damages. The Lian military refused deploying troops on the ground to minimize their losses and would rather resort to carpet bombing the areas where beasts have been spotted, regardless of civilian presence.

Unification of TobalEdit

Robert Nelson lost his wife in the ensuing disaster and was greatly enraged that the Knights had used them as an R&D experimental site as they pleased only to be abandoned again. He further claimed that it is precisely because of such R&D facilities that made Tobal a target by E-34 in the first place. Nelson then decided to replace the pro-Knight government of incumbent President Billy with an independent planetary government, the Tobal Union (TU). An anti-Knights movement then swept the planet which eventually led to the expulsion of the Knight Order from Tobal.

Third Battle of TobalEdit

Main article: Third Battle of Tobal

Since the EX-Type Two commander was able to escape from the battle, the Beast threat was never truly neutralized. The commander, known as Chatterbox, then facilitated another attack a year later. Chatterbox was able to assemble her own brood army while hiding at the far end of Tobal's orbital space. She then took advantage of the Tobal Space Elevator incident to infiltrate inside the planet, take over Mnemeion, and recruit Hyperion Repair to join her cause. The Third Battle of Tobal then commenced.



(Declaring the end of the battle)
General Nelson: "Jan 3rd, 431 Cosmic Century. The 10 day war was over."