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Queens are the ruling caste in Beasts' hive organization. Queens have evolved to specialize in the role of establishing and leading their own Beast colonies by producing brood through violent absorption of nutrients and natural resources - a phenomena known as "Erosion". Queens have also demonstrated a capacity to immediately adapt to its environment and to threats surrounding it and her colony.

Despite research organizations painstakingly conducting biological and behavioral studies on Beasts, there are still too many unknowns regarding Queens. This may be due to the fact that the most efficient way to stop a Beast invasion is to immediately slay its Queen - thus, no Queens have ever been academically observed while in its natural state or in captivity.



Core Temple's core eroded by E-34. The brood's larvae (purple) are already covering the entire core

Interestingly enough, more advanced Queens would have a more humanoid appearance. Since CC 123, Queens have possessed cores indicating that the Queen is also a high rank beast herself. The class of a Queen's core would also indicate the kind of high rank beasts she can produce i.e. a Queen with an A-class core can produce high rank beasts with A-class cores as well (which would increase her brood's individual class). Queen E-34 was able to circumvent her lack of cores by eroding the massive core of Core Temple (presumed to be at least S-class) and the "Nova-class" Black Hole Engine of Avalon. A Queen's core would also indicate her output/productivity in terms of erosion and reproduction rate.


A Queen sets her own hive culture. Different Queens would also have different genetic structures for their broods. This explains why each colony would have its unique characteristics and traits; e.g. a Type 15 of Queen "A" would have a completely unique appearance, behavior, and strengths/weaknesses from a similar Type 15 of Queen "B". This inherent genetic competition is expected to create stronger Beasts for each successive generation of Queens. E-34, the latest Queen to have invaded humanity (the War of Prayer, CC 430 - CC 432), has the most powerful brood in recorded history so far. E-34's Type 5s can already be equated to a low-class EX-Type Zero of other Queens.

It may be presumed that since the arrival of high rank beasts in CC 123, Queens move from one planet to another after completely eroding its previous habitat. By CC 320, Queens discarded this behavior due to successive human victories brought by preventing Queens from leaving a planet they are currently residing on. Queens then adapted a more aggressive strategy that involves the creation of specialized Beasts known as "Plants" that can erode and reproduce lesser Beasts independently from the Queen and remotely from the nest. This greatly supplemented a colony's reproduction rate, allowing for simultaneous invasions from a single Queen.

By CC 420, there was recorded observation of Queens cooperating with each other and establishing shared/unified colonies. It is unknown whether this is simple cooperation, with each Queen still exercising their respective local rule, or a deeper union merging two or more Queens into co-rule. In CC 422, this phenomena was confirmed when the "twin" Elise-type Queens E-99 and E-101 simultaneously appeared in Velchees.

It is unknown how a Queen communicates with her colony and to other Queens. Theories regarding Beast communication present the ability of a Queen to be connected to her own brood through a telepathic hive mind. It is also unknown whether a Queen's natural instinct is to reproduce for the survival of the species, to advance its species' genetic structure through aggressive evolution and assimilation, or simply to exterminate humanity. It is presumed that some advance Queens have attained some degree of humanity and are thus able to separate themselves from their inherent "beastly" tendencies. These advanced Queens operate instead on their own free will. This implies that they have already acquired intelligence, emotions, and individual ego that are all similar to humans.


Queens exhibited a capacity to assimilate foreign technology and process experiences, leading to better and stronger broods. Queens can also "design" new Beasts to meet her demands.

It is presumed that Queens can inherit genetic memory from its predecessors which would explain how Queens across generations can reproduce the same breeds or types of Beasts. Aside from vertical information sharing, it is also presumed to be possible for a Queen to share information horizontally to other Queens of a different line. This would explain how one Queen can acquire Beast breeds and types developed by another, unrelated Queen.


Humans have created a taxonomy to systematically classify Queens. Much like other Beasts, Queens are also classified by "Class" and "Type". Class directly corresponds to the raw potential power of a Queen or its abilities. Factors for which include its class of core, and the breeds or types of Beast it can produce, among others. Type refer to the behavioral pattern or skills of a Queen as opposed to its power i.e. how a Queen utilizes its strengths and weaknesses. The known Queen Types are as follows:

  • Elise-Type - Queens that exhibit the most destructive and aggressive behavior. Elise-Type Queens have a fast erosion rate and produce a multitude of high rank beasts, usually single-digit Types. Producing at least one EX-Type Zero is a distinguishable propensity for Queens of this type. Aside from these, Elise-Types usually introduce revolutionary changes in Beast behavior or strategy, and are the most capable in assimilating foreign technology. They are also presumed to display complex cognitive reasoning and are able to rationalize. As such, they are widely seen as the most powerful and threatening Queens.
  • Dile-Type - Queens that specialize and focus on defense. Dile-Types can create complex, massive nests that are entrenched upon the very planet itself. Additionally, they have complete mastery of the Nest Control Function. Their nests are considered as "Impregnable Fortresses"[1]. Queens of this type concentrate their erosion on a single planet in depth which can force the abandonment of a human world once spotted.
  • Sirius - unknown characteristics.

The Queen taxonomy is used by AE and Knight Order to direct and prioritize their war efforts.

Queens are officially referred to by the prefix of their type, combined with their linear generation sequence e.g. E-34 is an Elise-Type Queen (prefixed as "E") directly descending from E-33 hence she is referred to as "E-34".


D-38's Nest in Void

Throne chamber of D-38

Queens first start their own colony by constructing a "Nest" which serves as the primary shelter for Beasts. Within the nest, Queens are well-protected to focus on her functions in eroding/reproducing and in commanding her colony - roles that are optimized with assistance from the nest's facilities. As such, besides its use as a shelter, the nest is also the very extension of a Queen. High rank beasts can theoretically only be created within the nest as they would necessitate special needs for their development that only a nest chamber can provide[2]. Nests require to be regularly supplied with energy to maintain its defensive, production, and command functions. Usually the Queen can supply this through her core or by facilitating erosion to channel through the nest's roots.

Queens can also change the layout of their nests at will, referred to as "Nest Control Function" ability. The extent of this ability includes opening/closing passages, providing immediate repairs and improvements, and wholly restructuring the nest as necessary. E-34 presumably used her Nest Control Function to hack into Central Order system. It is possible to disable the Nest Control Function through excessive damage. This was proven when D-38's nest was invaded during the Battle of Void as she was not able to close a route connected to the inner chambers due to AE's concentrated bombardment[1]. In the event that the Queen dies or is disconnected from the nest, the shelter shall deactivate leaving only its tough exterior and whatever garrisoned Beasts inside to defend it[3].

The sturdiness and overall defensive abilities of a nest would require a full and lengthy siege by human military forces. Some Queens can even construct a nest with powerful defensive shielding. This led AE to design the "Mantle Buster" bombs. In response, Queens have since created the "Walking Shrimp" which specializes in anti-air roles. There are no records of a Queen abandoning its nest for safety.

Known Queens[]