May Zail



First Appearance

Main Episode-0: Chapter 8








Number 15. Green Ring



May Zail was Dry Leonhard's fiancee, Chief of the Central Order for a short duration as well as Head of the Zail Family.

She is Lea Zail's younger sister and the cousin of Ran Zail.

She initially participates in the Battle of Arin before retreating along with the Warship Arden, before resurfacing during the Reconquest of Arin.

May death

May Zail's last fight, seen with Yun at her side until the very end.

She bought Anne Mayer time to meet up with Arc Rider and the refugee colony it supported, but was slain by the Black Sharks that were pursuing her.

Later, it is revealed that she is alive, thanks to the medical technology of the Northern Order under her cousin Lea Zail. May later woke up from the coma when the Northern Order follows Lea and goes to war with A.L. under Dry. After witnessing Lea's death in the hand of Anne, May decided to leave the protection of Aegis. Her whereabouts is currently unknown.

May is the fiancee of Dry and she has genuine feeling for him, despite knowing that Dry is in love with Anne. In their childhood, she was often a victim of Daniel's pranks and it always resulted in Daniel got beaten by Dry and Lea. She always dreams that one day she will marry Dry and that Lea will get along with Dry too.