Jill McKellen Type 77 battle

The last exchange of blows.

The desperate fight continues within the colony, the appearance of High Rank Type 77 throws the situation into chaos. During their fight, Jill gets pushed back and loses an arm. When Allen tries to help he gets fatally injured. Enraged by this, Jill finally defeats the Type 77 with a single attack full of emotion. With tears in her eyes she listens to her brother's last feeble words as he slips away.

Meanwhile, the question of where the attack originated from is still unanswered. Admiral Norton and his fleet are met with collapsing fields that create an unstable pathway as they travel through the Gate towards Arin. Narrowly escaping being crushed inside the pathway, the very moment they exit the gate they're met with an attack by a massive space fleet of 20,000+ Beast ships. Quick thinking protects the fleet, but the Gate is completely destroyed.

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