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This page lists known human weapons that were shown in the Knight Run series and were also named. For a list of human ships and ship classes, please see List of Human Ships. For a list of armor suits/battle mechs, please see List of Armor Suits. For other known human weapons that were shown but are not categorized/unnamed, please see List of Other Human Weapons.


  • AF-1003

A newly developed fighter. The AF-1003 can operate both in an atmosphere and in the vacuum and Zero G conditions of outer space. It is equipped with thrust vectoring-capable engines allowing for great maneuverability. The AF-1003 has missile hardpoints and a pair of 50mm auto cannons mounted on multi-directional ball bearing ports on it's bottom side. It is pre-fitted from a selection of multiple load-outs to meet the specific necessities of each mission. Load-out "C" contains multiple SB missiles and specialized shells for space combat. The AE and AUA had their squadrons equipped with the AF-1003.

First appeared in ME0-Chapter 8 as part of the security force of the 7th Colony of Arin that interdicted a Beast Number 387.

  • YF-1035

A heavy fighter infused with a core that is specifically fitted to engage Beasts. It can fight high rank Type 77s. The YF-1035 is equipped with three pairs of redirectional particle beams and thrust vector engines. These are known as one of the most powerful fighter. The AUA possessed a number of YF-1035s during the Pray War.

First appeared in ME0-Ch13.

  • DIA

A heavy fighter equipped with missiles and a pair of particle beam cannons mounted on its engines.

First appeared in ME0-Ch13.


Ground Vehicles[]

  • Cherrydog

The Cherrydogs are unmanned ground vehicles equipped with a single auto cannon on a rotary chassis upon their backs. A light combat unit designed for fast urban warfare capable of navigating rough terrain easily with its four-wheel drive set-up.

First appeared in ME0-Ch8.

  • TAT-210

An mobile missile launcher optimized for rough terrain. It can fire four wire-guided missiles simultaneously. The AUA is equipped with several TAT-210s which was used extensively in the defense of their planet during the Pray War.

First appeared in ME0-Ch13.



Versatile and multipurpose androids that replace human combatants in infantry and other field combat roles.

First appeared in ME0-Ch9.