This page lists the known ships used by Humans that were shown in the Knight Run series. Ships are used for either travel within a planet's atmosphere or for outer space. This list includes submersibles as well.

Human ships in general are equipped with at least one core which generates power for its propulsion, defense, and other functions. Warships and civilian ships are equipped with a multi-configuration barrier for its protection against collisions, debris, meteorites, and hostile elements. Human warships have multiple directional particle beam weapons while also carrying large amounts of missiles. Larger ships can transport and launch fighters or other smaller vessels. Conventional ballistic armaments have been phased out by advanced kinetic accelerators such as rail guns although these are still employed for surface action.

Certain newer models of warships are equipped with the Aurora System, a high power maneuvering technology that utilizes inertial manipulation which allows for near instant changes in speed and direction. Only a few ships are equipped with Black Hole Engines which can enable a ship to warp independently without the use of warp gates as well as have a higher energy output.

First Appearance: ME0-Ch5.


First appearance: ME0-Ch1


First appearance: ME0-Ch1. (전투순양함)

Fleets usually have more than one version of this ship, from old A-Types to newer versions.


First appearance: ME0-Ch39. (전투순양함)

Succession Ship to Norton Class.


First Appearance: ME0-Ch9. (전투순양함)

Stronger than the Norton Class.

  • Arden

First Appearance: ME0-Ch14.

Has stealth capabilities and can submerge underwater.


First appearance: AE1-Ch1. (고속순양함)


First Appearance: ME0-Ch17.

  • Sowat

First appearance: ME0-Ch23.

Anti-Zero type battleship. Capable of killing E or F class EX-Type Zeroes without the assistance of Knights.


First Appearance: ME0-Ch36.


First Appearance: ME0-Ch51.