This page lists known Beasts categorized as a Number (Korean: 번, Beon) in the Knight Run series. There are a fair amount of various forms the are classified as a Beast Number (101~). Numbers are all low rank beasts and are regarded as the front line soldiers of a Beast colony usually led by their higher rank cousins. It is presumed that Numbers totally lack the capacity to be independent and are instead slaved to the colony's hive mind structure. Although they may lack the superior qualities of high rank beasts and Beast Types, Numbers compensate for it with their quantity which is easily augmented due to a simple reproduction process. The Queen's Nest typically delegate the production of Numbers to plants instead.

For other Beasts not in this list, please see List of Beasts: Type, List of Beasts: EX-Type, and List of Other Beasts.

Known Beast NumbersEdit

  • Number 101

Designed for close range combat against Knights. It is already close to a Type 90.

Appears in Main Episode-0 Pray - Chapter 19.

  • Number 387

A light armored, special warfare-role battleship. It possesses stealth capabilities and pods for deploying small Beasts but has low firepower - it is only capable of shooting a single particle beam blast. 

A No. 387 attacked the 7th Colony of Arin during the Second Battle of Arin.

Appears in ME0-Ch10 & Ch13.

  • Number 600

Soldier Beasts that are capable of agile movement. Its attack style is to rush in for a charge attack. No. 600s are compact and can move faster than what the tracking systems of non-specialized cannon turrets can keep up with. 

Appears in ME0 - Ch4 & Ch11.