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This page lists known Beasts that are classified as EX-Types (Korean: 식, Sik) ("EX" abbreviation for "Expert" or "Exceed") that appear in the Knight Run series.

All EX-Types are considered as special/unique high rank beasts that are superior over their non-EX counterparts due to having more advance cognitive abilities. EX-Types possess their own intellect, ego, and free will independent from the hive mind of the colony and their Queen. They have also displayed human-like emotions and the capacity to understand human language and cultural nuances. Fear, Chatterbox, and Hyperion Repair demonstrated that they are capable of human speech and actually held conversations with their Knight adversary. Although there are no known sexes in Beast morphology, except perhaps by the Queen, some EX-Types were revealed to have a distinguished sex: Fear and Chatterbox are females; whereas Blue Beetle is male.

Beasts are classified by Class and Type. Class directly corresponds to the raw potential power of a Beast or its abilities. Factors for which include its class of core, weapons it can wield, and inherent special abilities, among other characteristics. Type refers to the behavioral pattern, attack style, and skills of a Beast as opposed to its power i.e. how a Beast utilizes its strengths and weaknesses. The lower the numerical value of a Beast Type, the stronger it is; conversely, the higher the numeral value of a Beast Type, the weaker it is. The "single digits" dominate every battlefield since the beginning of the Human-Beast conflict. Should a Beast gain enough experience, show adaptability, and display human-like intelligence, it is then further categorized as a Named Beast and bestowed a unique designated code name. All EX-Types are Named.

There are currently two known sub-classifications for EX-Types:

  • EX-Type Zero - The most powerful designation for Beasts. A single EX-Type Zero can overpower an entire human world.
  • EX-Type Two - Beasts acting as command and support units. All of Queen E-34's Blue Flowers were commanded by an EX-Type Two from the inside.


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