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First Appearance

Main Episode-0: Chapter 1


20 (CC 430)




Master Knight


Number 10. Square

Leo is the youngest Master Knight and was responsible for killing Blue Ring in the battle of Planet Void. Despite it being his first encounter with an EX-Type Zero, he won and earned the title of Zero Breaker, also being the youngest to hold this title. He's recognized as a strong Knight by both Jack Norton and Dry Leonhard.[1]

When he was a young boy, Knight trainee Anne Mayer saved him and his sister Leny in a warzone.[2] Leo later becomes a Knight and Anne's disciple, but this later point is apparently a secret that he keeps from his sister. He holds Anne in high esteem and idolizes her as a Knight, it's also shown that he has a badly disguised crush on her, but she does not show any shared feelings in that regard.

He has fought side-by-side with Anne in the past. In the battle of Void he lends her his AB Sword Number 10. Square so that she could finish off the Queen D-38, after he breaks his right arm in his battle with Blue Ring.[3]


Bishop of the Crossleague Leo leading 150 knights/crusaders. His army would soon be massacred by the appearance of Blue Beetle and its escorting beasts

Leo complete revised pray style

Leo as he appears much later in the series.

Leo is Anne's partner at her retirement party and he had a minor scuffle with fellow Master Knight Daniel Leonhard. They were stopped at the request of Dr. Thor by his Doll A-10, who deployed her high-level defensive barrier right between them.[2] This begins Leo and Daniel's mutual dislike for each other, which soon leads to becoming full-on rivals. However, later in the series they silently acknowledge each other's power and a reluctant respect forms between them, though they still talk trash constantly.

Leo reappears again during the Battle of Valtia and he reveals that he's been appointed as Bishop of the Crossleague.[4] Dry assigns him the role of Front Commander for the group fight against EX-Type Zero Fear.[5]

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Publication version.

Leo 05K

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