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Main Episode-0: Chapter 9


Older than Leo




Master Knight


Number 13. Friday


AE2 - Ch2

Leny is a Master Knight who ranks Number 2 in the Knight Order. As such, she is extremely powerful and has top-level authority. This is the reason why she's put in charge of taking care of the Original Chimera since Leny is the only one who can stop her if she goes insane again. She's a member of the Western Order.

As a young child she was rescued alongside her younger brother Leo by Anne Mayer, who was still a Knight trainee at the time. Later, for unknown reasons, Anne took Leo with her to train him as a Knight and Leny was sent to the Eastern Order. This led to her having a grudge against Anne because she thought that Anne had abandoned her despite the promise that she would be their mother. There are a few flashbacks that show the three of them together.[1]

Leny has a "brother complex" and she's strongly against Anne Mayer training Leo, forcing them to keep it a secret. Leo on the other hand is in love with Anne, so this forms an interesting dynamic between the three of them.

When Van Nelson was a Knight trainee he trained under Leny. Van's style is an incomplete variation of Leny's and he uses the power of his Zail Family blood to imitate her style. Because it's more of an imitation, it's significantly weaker than the original and he suffers even greater side effects than she does. This is due to her being a so-called Curser, which solves these side effects.[2] Due to this she uses an upgraded version of the Six Demons and One God Style

She's heavily involved in the events that lead up to Another Episode-2. Leny personally gives the AB Sword, Number 30. Arondight to Van to aid him in rescuing Sion Zail. After the Battle of Tobal, Leny led the Knight Order force in the taking over of Tobal and assassination of AE generals who support Tobal's nationalists.


Leny's first appearance in Ep0 - Ch9 alongside Leo.


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