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Knight Run (나이트런) is a Korean webtoon authored by Sungmin Kim (김성민; Kim Sungmin) and published on Naver.
Official translations are available at LINE Webtoon.
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Fight for survival!

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Invade and devour!

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Cosmic Century

History and timeline

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Humanity's last hope

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Featured Article
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Main article: Battle of Void

The Battle of Void is the first human vs beast military confrontation that readers of Knight Run would get to see. It was a huge battle between Queen D-38 against the combined forces of AE and Knight Order. Despite humanity ultimately winning the battle, it nearly ended in complete disaster as the initial AE-Knight Order forces on the ground did not expect the appearance of single digit high rank beasts, including an EX-Type Zero.

News and Announcements

No More Official Translations

  • LINE Webtoons canceled further translations of Knight Run past Another Episode-2 due to "lack of interest/views on the series". Please help in the petition to resume translations by rating the series highly on LINE, liking each chapter, and sharing the series to potential readers. Thank you!

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Confused On How The Plot Progresses?

  • Knight Run has a deep narrative that explores a lot of sub-plots to present the whole story from every angle. It is best recommended to binge-read an entire episode volume at a slow pace so that you can digest and appreciate the series more. When you need to reference something, just check here in the wiki or post a discussion/question. Happy reading!

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Publication and Links

Latest Chapter

  • Korean: Main Episode-3 Door (Part 136) Chapter 438. Public Enemy (Read here)
  • English: Extra Story (Part 3) Chapter 169. Age of Heroes (Read here)
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Pray carrying Anne away from trouble

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