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8 Master Knights of the Northern and Eastern Orders. From left to right: Daniel, Jenny, Doi, Kiri, Dry, Dan, Leo and Bernet.

Knights are enhanced and martially superior humans who serve as elite special forces soldiers. They are equipped with AB Swords and DC Coats. Their primary role in combat is to act as a counter against the rare and powerful High Rank Beasts whilst other AE forces fight the weaker and common mass production Beasts. Some Knights retain positions of command and organize strategies, but their main role is to kill the strong enemy units. In ME0 - Ch26 they are said to be "mankind's trump card in this war".

"A knight is an icon, on top of being a hero. A man made celebrity. The media acts to spread the threads of hope spun from the knights, and the public clings to them for support. In an era of universal warfare, it was all they had. Rather than simply calling them "elite units", they were given the name of "Knight" because the glorified image of a medieval knight, riding on horseback, was deemed suitable to boost public morale. In all folklore, the knight is the hero." ME0 - Ch6

The primary reason for the Knights existence is for wielding the AB Swords, one of the few weapons capable of slicing through High Rank Beast's defensive energy barrier.

"In order to use the weapon to it's fullest potential, it is inevitable that the candidates are the cream of the crop. Those who are blessed with talent, those who surpass their physical limits, those who possess regenerative powers, mutation, psychokinetics, Mosaic Babies, and those from the warrior clans the elites from all the planets were recruited as Knights."[1]

Knights Magazine: The most popular magazine in the universe

The fact that the best seller in the whole universe, also the main source of income for the Knights, is magazine called "Knights" which shows the public's interest in them. It's common for Knights to take advantage of their popularity as heroes of mankind and engage in different activities like launching a music album, advertisements, PR and more.[2]


Knights have superhuman physical strength and speed, with Master Knights casually moving above the speed of sound and projecting shockwaves that can send armored vehicles flipping. This strength is often combined with superhuman abilities, known as Paranormal Powers. This allows the Knights to fight against the High Ranks, who can wipe out entire battalions of normal human soldiers.

A high class battle has misses and clashes cutting apart entire buildings.

Every Knight starts as a trainee and studies on Planet Arin at the Core Temple of Central Order. When they are deemed as ready, the Knight trainees will be allowed to take part in real battles, under the guide of Knights and Knight Instructors. It is unclear how a Knight trainee can be promoted to be a fully fledged Knight, as there is no test for that has been mentioned. However, based on the case of Anne and Pray, it is probably after they have proven themselves on the battlefield. A fully fledged Knight will receive their own AB Sword as the acknowledgement of their maturity. Depending on the fighting style, the number and style of sword could be varied. For example, Anne received a twin set of AB Swords while Pray received a single AB Sword in their graduation.

Knights themselves are generally not capable of the same level of anti-army operations that their Beast counterparts take part in, as few Knights have the same flight abilities as Beasts. No DC Coat has the same defensive capabilities as the energy barriers of High Ranks and most Knights with Energy Projection Paranormal Powers cannot match the range or stamina of the Core fitted Beasts. However, there are still some exceptions among Knights such as Dry, Pray or probably Anne with the destructive powers of Leonhard Ancient Sword style and Wave Techniques. Milo is also another example with his ability to control multiple fairies as demonstrated in Velchees and the Reconquest of Arin.

Among Knights, their ranking is determined by strength and accomplishments. The strongest Knights are categorized as AAA-Class, which is rare in the whole history of Knight Order. Currently, there are 3 knights ranked as AAA Class: Pray, Anne and later Dry. Lea Zail also can be considered as an AAA-Class Knight as she can fight equally with Dry.


The total amount of active Knights at any one time is distressingly small for an intergalactic human empire under threat from Beasts. Dry asserts In ME0 - Ch7 that the entire Eastern Order of Knights: "Had only 150 members to begin with. With so many dead, we can barely hold out."

With less than 150 Knights in the Eastern Order, even assuming a maximum disparity ratio of 1:2 to each of the four other Orders, minus Central Order which was annihilated on Arin by E-34, the total active numbers of Knights in the entire AE stand at barely over 1000. With all the trainees at Central also devoured by E-34, recovery of Knight numbers would be slow at very best.

This shortage of Knights is one of the primary motives behind the events in Another Episode-2.

Ranks and Titles[]

There are certain titles granted to the Knights who surpass even other Knights in power and accomplishments:

Master Knight
A title given to the elite of the elite. All Knights who hold the "Master" prefix have accomplished great feats in the story. In ME0 - Ch7, Dry states about Leo "That earned him the title of Zero Breaker. Now no one should be able to doubt his ... position as Master Knight." As Blue Ring was a middling Class C or D EX-Type Zero, this implies that even for Master Knights, the title of Zero Breaker is an accomplishment that will assure any doubts about how you gained your title.
Zero Breaker
A title specifically given to those who kill an EX-Type Zero. It doesn't matter if it was solo or in group battle, if a Knight manages to kill an Ex-Type Zero, then they are awarded the title. However, there is a difference in strength between Zero Breakers for those who managed to solo kill an EX-Type Zero, those who solo kill a High Class EX-Type Zero (said to be A-Class and above) are considered as superior. Anne and Pray are the only Zero Breakers who have defeated SS-Class Ex-Type Zeros.
Top Sword
The title of the strongest Knight. This one is held in CC 430 by Dry Leonhard, seven years since the previous confirmed Top Sword, Pray, 'retired' after the battle of Velchees. Milo is also known to have held this title, likely the Top Sword directly preceding Pray and it is quite likely that Anne also held this title for a time. Sion Zail also held this title.
Deputy Order Chief
Second in command to the Order Chiefs.
Order Chief
A title given to the head of a particular Chivalric Order. They are likely the most powerful Knight within their order.

Hey, daddy, look!

Chivalric Order[]

The Knight Orders were established in CC 230 by the Mother Knight. Much like the medieval Knights who organized themselves into specific military orders, though unlike the ancient Knights, modern Knight Orders appear based upon location of the Knight posted, with 5 branches, each with a specific base as headquarters, named after the four cardinal directions and Central:

Central Order - The ruling Order. Headquarters were located on Arin. Deputy Chief is Kamad and Chief is Lime Zail. All Knights present at Central Headquarters in CC 430 were consumed by E-34, before the building was subsumed by Avalon.
Eastern Order - The former Chief was Dry and Daniel's father. Top Sword Dry is currently serving as Deputy Chief.
Western Order - Leny, who ranks Number 2 in the Knight Order, belongs to the Western Order and it's assumed that she's Chief, but this is unconfirmed.
Southern Order - Unknown Chief. The Blue Spear unit is stationed there. Ex-chief is named Alf.
Northern Order - Most likely pointed towards the galactic center. Chief is Feizer.

Named Knights[]

Named Knights in the series thus far.