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Paranormal Power Black Butterflies

Kamal is a Knight that shares her PK Paranormal Power of "Black Butterflies", a movement enhancement power that allows for flight, with her brother Kamad.

Since they were not within the Core Temple during E-34's initial attack, they both survived to regroup with an AUA task force. They then followed the task force to assist in destroying the final 32nd Guardian that was ascending into orbit to cloak the planet, as well as open up a route to the Core Temple, where the other Knights had dropped off from contact.
Siblings death

Kamad and Kamal however, were intercepted along with the task force by Blue Beetle. Not expecting an EX-Type Zero to use an actual lance technique, instead of relying on their Core Power, both Knights were overwhelmed and killed by Blue Beetle within two moves. Their defeat allowed Blue Beetle to destroy the unprotected task force and allow for the final Guardian to take its position, completing the total isolation of Arin.

In addition to Black Butterflies, their family has another power which allows them to be reincarnated after death. Anne and A-10 reincarnated them at a special facility in Arin, but unfortunately Kamal's reincarnation was not fully successful and she now has the mindset of a child.