Chamild organ

A Guardian using both its Jamil and Chamild organs. The area of effect is visible against the fading dusk light.

The Jamil Organ (or Jamil Engine) is a biological organ that certain, specialized beasts possess. Its notable purpose is to create an electronic countermeasure effect that renders modern forms of human telecommunication inoperable. They are used to disable enemy communications, targeting, tracking, or to damage sensitive electronic equipment.

The Jamil Organ is named after the physicist, Dr. Jamil, who discovered the causal relationship between the organ and its related phenomena.

This technology was first shown in the Battle of Void when overextended troops near D-38's Nest got their communication lines cut off from HQ and other units. The Jamil Organs were central to the invasion strategy of E-34 during the War of Prayer. The Queen effectively isolated Planet Arin using 32 Guardians and was able to hide the build-up of her invasion brood for the latter part of the war implementing human extinction.