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"After this gate It's my sweet home. And my wife will be there to irritate me endlessly..." ME0-Ch12

Admiral Jack Norton is a long serving AUA and AE naval officer.

He was introduced in the first chapter, commanding the reclamation of Planet Void. Anne at the time was serving as his War Adviser, but for the closing stages of that battle, instead chose to fight on the field.

After the Void Campaign, he is relieved from the burden of working for the Northern Headquarters and is moved back to a post in Arin, where his wife, whom he hasn't seen in two years, lives.[1] However, due to the Solar Storm at Arin, he had to work for a while longer in his fleet.

Despite his considerable tactical and strategic abilities, he is somewhat of a ditz, constantly worrying about his image and being generally undisciplined, to the point where he and his XO come to blows on the bridge of the Flagship of his fleet, in the middle of a battle, very much to another Admiral's exasperation.

He is known to have participated in the Battle against Ingrid during SEY 367 where he was the commander of the Northern Alliance, the reclamation of Void, and played a role in both Battles of Arin, (the Pray War and later the war between Dry and Lea).


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