Hyperion is an A-Class EX-Type Zero, produced by an unknown Queen, that simultaneously appeared alongside EX-Type Zero Rabbit during the First Battle of Tobal in CC 400.

Although it was already slain by then, Hyperion still has a major background role in propelling the events of Another Episode-2 A Village Where You Are where it was referenced multiple times. Its resurrected version, Hyperion Repair, played a more active and pivotal appearance in AE-2.


First Battle of TobalEdit

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Hyperion appeared attacking the surface of Planet Tobal while fellow EX-Type Zero Rabbit attacked the 7th Ground Zero located on the planet's satellite moon, Vine. In response, the Knight Order issued a mission order to protect the strategic Ground Zero instead of the inhabited planet as it contained the superweapon Mnemeion. To justify this, the threat assessment of Hyperion was deliberately lowered in comparison to Rabbit's A-Class; thus, Hyperion was officially a B-Class despite the fact that it was actually at the same level with Rabbit.[1] The Zail Family took over leadership of the mission to repair its damaged prestige when Rabbit destroyed one of its dominions - the mining colony of Damir. A special task force, composed mainly of Zail Knights, troops, and ships, was then assembled alongside AE expeditionary forces to carry out the mission. Top Sword Sion Zail opted out of the mission and specifically requested to instead save the people of Tobal. She was then given special dispensation by the mission leader to act independently although she had to be accompanied by her guardians, Rhea Zail and Clint Zail.

The battle on the surface was fierce and raged far longer than anticipated due to a lack of proper reinforcements. Not much is known of the actual action that occurred save for the excessive carnage and destruction that drove the whole Tobal campaign into near human capitulation. During the course of the battle, Hyperion also activated Mysteltein's true form to reveal the planet-eroding World Tree which caused permanent damages on the planet. Ultimately however, Sion defeated Hyperion in one-on-one combat with her Sky Splitting Cut.


Mysteltein impact

A direct hit by Mysteltein on Tobal's surface

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Massive pockets of erosion, condemned as uninhabitable for humans, were left from the battle as caused by Hyperion's usage of Mysteltein. These scars were irreversible and forever changed the landscape of Tobal. With Hyperion's death, humans sequestered Mysteltein for research and development of advance technology, specifically weaponry that can rival the power of Knights and Beasts. In CC 431, the Tobal Union used the applications from the Mysteltein R&D to create the Raven Units that were central in declaring TU's revolutionary independence and expelling Knight Order for previous grievances.

The corpse of Hyperion somehow got underground, deep inside a volcano where the magma's heat and pressure preserved the cadaver. Due to these extreme conditions, the corpse was virtually undisturbable until 30 years later when a Blue Flower attacked Tobal in CC 430. The attack and shattered debris of the Blue Flower introduced even more drastic changes to the surface of Tobal. The Blue Flower's intact core which fell on Bados Island sprouted roots that extended for 300km searching for Hyperion. During the Third Battle of Tobal, EX-Type Two Chatterbox successfully recovered the corpse of Hyperion with the assistance of Mnemeion. She then resurrected it as Hyperion Repair by connecting a large core on the left shoulder, replacing the heavily damaged right arm with a synthetic appendage equipped with Aurora System, and restoring all other injuries from its previous fight.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Mysteltein in action

Mysteltein thrown as a javelin, then moving remotely to hit opponents

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Hyperion's primary weapon, Mysteltein, actually came from the Guardian Bishop. For unknown reasons, Bishop somehow gave the weapon for Hyperion's own use before the EX-Type Zero appeared in Tobal. Hyperion then acquired immense offensive abilities capable of overpowering opponents in close combat as well as striking from long ranges. Mysteltein is a mysterious weapon with no definite shape, that is made from an unknown substance which has a pollution/contamination effect similar to erosion. The intensity of this erosion ability is directly correlated to the distance from the source with physical contact causing the highest absorbed dosage. Still, any amount of contamination, even the slightest felt from farther distances, is considered fatally dangerous. Mysteltein can be used as a piercing weapon similar to a spear or for slashing strikes like a double-saber, but it can also be thrown as a javelin. It can also move remotely to strike targets from a distance. Mysteltein's true form however is the planet-eroding World Tree. Hyperion proved to be proficient in using Mysteltein and it also seemed to be immune from the dangerous effects caused by the weapon.

Although it had superior firepower due to wielding the Cursed Bough, Hyperion focused more on being defensive in its combat style. Even without its weapon, Hyperion possessed enhanced strength and agility that are far greater than humans and even high rank beasts. Hyperion can project powerful barriers due to the special generators mounted inside the prominently large shoulder armor that extended to cover the EX-Type Zero's flanks. It is also equipped with three cores of unknown classes: a main core housed on the chest cavity, and one on each shoulder to exclusively power the barrier generators. These provided Hyperion with an abundance of energy.