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Beasts overpowering human warships during the Great War

Humans trying to repel Beasts during the Battle of Velchees

Human forces bombarding a Queen's Nest during the Battle of Void

The Human-Beast conflict is an ongoing military confrontation between Humans and Beasts that is central to the plot of the Knight Run series. In CC 123, the Beasts emerged with "high ranks" that overwhelmed humanity's strength thus starting the Great War that ended in a crushing stalemate for humans. Prior to this, humans have already encountered Beasts before but they were not considered a threat due to their lack of cores, particle beams, and barriers. For humans, the conflict is to ensure their lasting, survival and existence. For the Beasts, it is unknown whether they endeavour to simply devour everything in their path or if there is some other reason for their invasion.

The Beasts easily gained advantage in the initial stages of the conflict but humanity was able to halt them by CC 218 and "normalize" the situation although humanity suffered numerous defeats, losses, and a substantial decline from their initial state of prosperity. Human society and politics was greatly altered by the conflict. From a state of constant strife between the different human factions, that have since fallen due to the Beasts, humanity was unified under one single government.

By CC 227, the Beasts regained their initiative until CC 234 when the Knight Order suppressed EX-Type Zero Ingrid and Queen E-12. Since then humanity was able to somewhat recover and put up a better fight against Beasts although it was still not enough. There were two events that nearly ended humanity: the appearance of Queen E-33 in CC 368 and the appearance of twin Queens E-99 and E-101 in CC 422. In both cases, the Knights thwarted the Beasts at the eleventh hour. By CC 430, AE and Knight Order declared the start of the Age of Humans as the general threat of Beasts had been suppressed and no major Queens/EX-Types had since appeared. However the Age of Humans was cut short by the fall of humanity's de facto capital, Arin, under the surprise invasion of Queen E-34 (see War of Prayer).


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