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Dry Leonhard is a male human, regarded as one of the most powerful Knights in the universe. He hails from the politically influential and renowned Leonhard family, although, as later revealed, he actually experienced discrimination from his own relatives. Dry sought out to prove his detractors wrong through harsh self-training. His efforts were rewarded when he achieved the rank of Master Knight and the Zero Breaker title at an early age. He was also sent to the Battle of Velchees where his contributions helped in humanity's victory and later earning him the reputation as a Hero of the Velchees War. Soon afterwards, he was appointed as the Deputy Chief of Eastern Order, his family's "territory". Dry currently holds the distinction of being the Top Sword.

Dry appears as a deuteragonist in the Knight Run series. In Main Episode-0 Pray, Dry starts his path to universal human unification by forming the New Alliance ad hoc coalition as an emergency response to the War of Prayer. The success of the Arin Recovery Campaign, that he personally spearheaded, rose his popularity and catapulted him into mainstream politics. Despite accomplishing the New Alliance's raison d'etre, Dry refused to stand down and disband the coalition on the pretext that their mission was still not over unless Queen E-34's Flower Garden was effectively neutralized. In succeeding episodes starting from Another Episode-2 A Village Where You Are, Dry acts as an anti-hero due to his campaign to achieve supremacy and unification. It was revealed that he merely intended to relieve Anne Mayer from her painful duty of having to protect everyone but in the process of doing so ended up sparking a huge war across the whole of humanity.

Dry consolidated his reign through popular and military support by first winning over the allegiance of several influential and powerful factions. He also forcibly wrestled control of critical positions and resources to expand his own forces. By CC 431, he declared the successful end of E-34's Flower Garden suppression before declaring the formation of Alternative League, his own centralized universal government as opposed to both AE and Knight Order. Unrest over Dry's ambitions led to full-scale, open conflict which was covered by Main Episode-2 Knight Fall.


Leonhard Ancient Style Dry Eye

Dry's eyes

Dry appears as a tall man with a subtle, solid built. He has white hair that falls flatly downward and partially covers his purple-colored eyes.

Dry usually wears military uniforms such as a green military jacket which is worn over his trademark body suit. The body suit is wholly black and tightly fitting, with turtleneck collars and long sleeves. He also equips himself with a custom-made heavy DC Coat rated to be at Level 7.


Dry seems to be a Machiavellian with good intentions. He believes in exhausting everything that must be done if it would lead to an absolute gain in the long run. This led him to embark on the grand campaign to unite humanity under his rule.

As a leader, Dry was seen as a realist dictator who tend to react conservatively and along populist lines. To some, he epitomizes the word "Hero"; to others however, a "Villain".

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dry 01K
Mandala focused beam

Being a member of the Leonhard family, Dry possesses the paranormal power of pyrokinesis - the ability to generate and manipulate heat and fire.

Apart from his powers, Dry is also a highly adept martial artist who combines his pyrokinesis with his techniques. He honed his talents alone which exponentially grew under his own training regimen from laughably feeble to near invincible. Although he became a master of the Ancient Leonhard Style at a young age, he was only recognized as one after beating up his competitors within the family.

Dry also adapted some aspects of Pray Style by intensely studying Pray Mayer's moves during battles and in their one-on-one duels. Through this, he was able to apply Wave Technique into his paranormal power and martial arts but only to a limited degree.