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Leo and Daniel deflecting particle beams with their overcoat-styled DC Coats

Anne and Lamie with standard Knight Order-issued DC Coats in the dress uniform style

Anne protected by her personal DC Coat in a blazer style

Defensive Coating Coats (DC Coats) are specially-built protective clothing that acts as the modern equivalent of the medieval plate armor.

DC Coats ubiquitously appear in the Knight Run series as the prominent, outermost garment of Knights.


Though called DC Coats, they need not always take the appearance of a coat despite it being the most common model. It is possible to wear more than one DC Coat, as shown by Dry in ME0-Ch21. DC Coats are classified according to level classes ranging from 1-10, with the higher grading proportional to greater protective power.


They are made from DC elements - an artificially synthesized material which has barrier-producing properties. The barrier only occurs when the DC elements are activated through an unknown process; this also means that it can be deactivated when a reactant is induced. DC elements and its barriers are also self-regenerating, making it an extremely valuable technology for military applications. DC Coats are all owned and exclusively manufactured by the Knight Order to be issued only to its Knights alongside AB Swords.

With the fall of Central Order and the disappearance of Mother Knight, the Alternative League as well as other organizations have taken their own production of DC elements and DC Coats. The technology has since proliferated to the detriment of universal security.


DC Coats are extremely lightweight and flexible personal shielding system yet it can still withstand high explosives, kinetic projectiles, and even particle beams. It can also absorb nuclear radiation and cancel out shock waves.

DC Coats can potentially hinder or completely negate the paranormal power of its user. In which case, the DC Coat must be removed in order to utilize one's powers fully.

Notable Examples[]

  • Dry Leonhard: As Supreme Commander of the New Alliance, Dry wore a large, bulky dark cloak that is graded as a Level 7 DC Coat. The said DC Coat has CBRN protection and can withstand either a nuclear warhead or a particle beam blast from a warship. He gave it to Anne during the Battle of Valtia and presumably retrieved it back after.[1]