Chatterbox was one of the female mass-produced EX-Type Twos, of unknown class, that was produced by Queen E-34. The mass-produced EX-Type Twos were designed specifically by E-34 for her to delegate command over her Flower Garden and to independently lead sections of her grand campaign strategy for the extermination of humanity. The fact that E-34 was able to produce so many EX-Type Twos, coupled with her two EX-Type Zeroes (Fear and Blue Beetle) plus the Wizard Type(s), already shows her raw power and significant threat as EX-Types typically cannot be mass-produced. Still, Chatterbox was unique from her other EX-Type Two sisters as she personally received a name from her Queen: E-34 named her "Chatterbox" due to her talkative personality. In return, Chatterbox affectionately calls E-34 as "Mom".

Chatterbox specialized in electronic warfare for recovering firepower support [1] but can also do other roles as necessary in the battlefield from actual combat to managing Beasts. As such, Chatterbox was a true multi-role Beast that can single-handedly orchestrate an attack on a human world by herself. It was also shown that Chatterbox can converse in human language and possess human-like intellect and emotions. She also stated that her mother taught and exposed her to human culture.

Chatterbox appears as the primary antagonist/"final boss" in Another Episode-2 A Village Where You Are who directed the Beast attacks on Tobal. She was first seen as an ominous unknown that defeated the Original Chimera in space while slowly closing in towards Tobal [2]. Chatterbox was then revealed during the terrorist raid at the Tobal Space Elevator slipping past through the defenses of the preoccupied Tobal Union (TU) military to commandeer the reactivation of Mnemeion from Lieutenant General Tinie [3]. She then resurrected Hyperion into Hyperion Repair before starting the Third Battle of Tobal.

It was later revealed in Sion Zail's flashback, and also corroborated by Leny [4], that Chatterbox was actually behind the Second Battle of Tobal but Sion chose not to pursue her as they prioritized neutralizing the Blue Flower and the rampaging Original Chimera - a decision that Sion had come to deeply regret.


Chatterbox face

Closeup of Chatterbox's face

Chatterbox initially appears as an all-white cloaked figure with a distinctive headgear similar to E-34's EX-Type Zero Fear. She also possessed stiletto-like feet. A hint to her female sexuality is the noticeable protrusion of breasts against her cloak. Later on, Chatterbox discarded her headgear and cloak while fighting against Van Nelson, revealing a definitely feminine, buxom body with a baby face. Chatterbox also had the archetypal Anne Mayer qualities such as green eyes and light brown hair.

After Chatterbox pushed back TU's counter-attack and planted the World Tree on Mnemeion, she seemingly transformed/evolved into an advanced form reflecting her enhanced powers. Chatterbox now had the addition of horns stemming from the back of her head as well as green translucent wings that look like silken robes.


Chatterbox possess human-like intelligence and emotions. She had a bubbly, easygoing personality that also bore murderous psychopathic tendencies. This seems to be due to the fact that she was hardwired to destroy Tobal. In general however, E-34's brood were all "raised" to thoroughly hate humanity (paralleling Pray Mayer's state of mind and warped love for Anne). Chatterbox loved her mother so much that she only wished to get her attention. She executed the attacks on Tobal so that E-34 would hopefully recognize her as a "good girl". Chatterbox appears to be knowledgeable on human culture especially memes which has influenced her manner of speech.

Other than having human qualities, Chatterbox was also one of the rare Beasts able to speak in human language. However, she is annoyingly talkative and noisy - something that she herself had admitted to. She also stated that her "mother" named her "Chatterbox" after this trait. Van Nelson was shocked when she started chatting with him during their fight, telling him that she finds the whole situation as lame and ridiculous [5]. She appears to be good in making impromptu quips and has a penchant for dark humor.


Second Battle of TobalEdit

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Chatterbox second battle of tobal

Chatterbox fleeing from the Blue Flower

Chatterbox did not take an active role during the Second Battle of Tobal, opting instead to provide targets for the Tobal Blue Flower to attack. She also coordinated the deployment of the Beasts garrisoned inside the Blue Flower and directed the interception of the incoming Tobal coalition forces and the Knights detachment. When Leny, Sion Zail, and the Original Chimera entered the Blue Flower and it already seemed as if they can no longer be halted, Chatterbox abandoned her mobile fortress. She then retreated to the far side of space but still within orbit of Tobal, biding for the opportunity to strike again. It took six months for Chatterbox to get the chance she was waiting for. During that time, she had raised her own army of Flying Type 5s alongside several White Moths and Beast Mechs.

Tobal Space Elevator incidentEdit

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Tinie vs Chatterbox

Chatterbox ambushing Tinie right after Miliaria's attack

Tinie vs Chatterbox 2

Chatterbox dueling Tinie

Noticing that the terrorist raid at the Tobal Space Elevator was distracting the TU military, Chatterbox began making her move. She decided to close in using the orbiting remains of the Blue Flower to cover her tracks while being further screened by optical camouflage and signal interference. The Original Chimera discovered Chatterbox's movement by sheer coincidence as the Chimera was retrieving AB Sword Number 680. Armored Blade on the instructions of Leny. The two fought and Chatterbox ultimately overpowered her opponent. She then hurried up and was able to infiltrate into Tobal atmosphere while the raid was still ongoing.

At the same time, the AE Anti-Knight faction in Tobal, led by Lt.Gen. Tinie, was commencing the reactivation of the Mnemeion using the core of the Blue Flower that was recovered intact from the previous battle. Tinie utilized God's Pillars to subdue the Beast nature within the core and thereby assert control over the Mnemeion. Tinie's camp site was suddenly attacked by Knight Miliaria and the remnants of the Knight Order shadow organization that used to handle puppet governments in the planet. Though they were ultimately massacred, Miliaria was able to damage the command functions of God's Pillars and the core went berserk. Chatterbox then swooped in and hacked into God's Pillars to resume the reactivation process under her influence. Tinie then challenged Chatterbox to a duel but the EX-Type Two just made quick work out of him. The core destabilized further, accelerating the growth of roots that dug into Mnemeion and Tobal's surface. The roots fanned out to search for the corpse of Hyperion which was left preserved inside a volcano. Chatterbox continued her hacking but this time to calm down the core and bring it under her control once more. With the core stabilized, it then integrated itself with the Mnemeion which was now fully active.

Chatterbox then went out to retrieve the body of Hyperion and to persuade it to join her. Once they reached an accord, Chatterbox fully resurrected the EX-Type Zero as Hyperion Repair and gave it some modifications. With her force assembled, Chatterbox then attacked the planet yet again starting the Third Battle of Tobal.

Third Battle of TobalEdit

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Chatterbox vs Van

Chatterbox vs Van

Chatterbox 1

Chatterbox overseeing the growth of the World Tree

Chatterbox 2

Chatterbox transforming into her "evolved" form

Chatterbox slay

Chatterbox slain by Van and Sion

Chatterbox, aboard the Mnemeion, began attacking the TU forces that had been deployed to quell the terrorists at the space elevator. The TU forces were absolutely no match to Graveyard's firepower and it destroyed a substantial portion of the TU fleet. Moreover, Hyperion Repair summoned back Mysteltein which was being used as the Raven Suits' power source, crippling the Nelson administration's ability to provide an armed response. To compensate, Nelson authorized the use of nuclear weapons to bombard the Beasts. This bombardment successfully kept Hyperion Repair and the Mnemeion restricted from further actions. XO Abel Pierce ordered the AE Anti-Knights faction to relieve the TU forces using Tinie's fleet and Golden Ring. Unfortunately, Chatterbox hacked into Golden Ring and usurped control over it. Mnemeion then emerged to integrate Golden Ring with itself. The satellite cannon was used to great effect in destroying Tinie's fleet and Tobal's surface. TU forces gave chase and made a suicide attack to at least disable the Graveyard. The Golden Ring was eventually destroyed from this assault but at the cost of TU's modern fleet. The Mnemeion, along with Hyperion Repair and Chatterbox, then warped to outer space near Vine where the TU forces eventually pursued them after regrouping with Sion and Van.

Chatterbox, equipped with a White Moth, fought against Van while Hyperion Repair was fighting Sion. Chatterbox also had to deal with Van's supports such as A-9 and the remaining Raven Units. A huge battle ensued that wrought further destruction on the planet's surface below. Eventually, Sion won against Hyperion Repair to the disappointment of Chatterbox. Feeling bored and tired already, Chatterbox wanted to finish the battle quickly. She revealed to Van that she can actually talk and then offered him the chance to escape safely from Tobal in exchange for Sion's life. Incensed, Van attempted to strike down Chatterbox but she swiftly incapacitated him. The TU forces then advanced to recover the two unconscious Knights. They were successful in this regard but were proven no match for Chatterbox as she alone was able to push the entire force back to the surface. Chatterbox then retrieved Hyperion Repair's core and Mysteltein - the latter she used as a seed to plant the planet-eroding World Tree on Mnemeion. She then transformed into her evolved form.

The TU forces regrouped again before setting out for another desperate counter-attack. Despite being horribly beaten and injured (and probably close to dying already), Sion and Van were still designated as the primary combatants for Tobal's defense. The two Knights were able to engage Chatterbox in a fight with the assistance of the TU forces but it was still not enough. Chatterbox rallied her remaining Beasts as well as several missile launchers and her eight Golden Weapons to decimate the TU forces. Van was able to cling on for dear life as he persistently guarded against Chatterbox's attacks. In a brief respite, Sion embraced Van and they formed a combat stance together. Van then unleashed a hybrid special attack combining his Six Demons in One God technique with Sion's Sky Splitting Cut that wiped out the Beasts and shattered the Golden Weapons. Chatterbox herself was caught at the very center of the attack and she was cut in half. Crying, Chatterbox asked for her mother to comfort her during her last few moments.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

White Moth 3

Chatterbox equipped with the White Moth

Chatterbox orb

Chatterbox's orbs summoning launcher-cache containers

Golden weapon chaterbox

Chatterbox wielding Golden Weapon 01 as a pincer weapon

E-34's EX Type Twos were produced not only possessing heightened senses and mobility (when compared to other high rank beasts) but also with specifications for electronic warfare, combat support, and field recovery. Due to this, Chatterbox and her sisters can hack into human technology to disable, disrupt, or take over control of their equipment. She can also manipulate information accessed from digital interface and also provide stealth cover. Chatterbox notably also resurrected Hyperion into Hyperion Repair and was able to recover its injuries and carry out further modifications/upgrades. It was also shown that she can build structures and items using mysterious metallic, crystalline materials.


Chatterbox displayed extreme proficiency in close quarters combat. She always performed highly acrobatic moves that incorporates her mastery of Pray Style with her ability to float around/maneuver within the atmosphere or space. Though she can engage both in range or melee combat, Chatterbox was especially deadly when it comes to duels - making her an effective anti-Knight unit. She also has excellent control of her own body and can make unforeseeable strikes.


Chatterbox demonstrated a high level of competency even after Queen E-34's defeat. She was the mastermind behind the Second and Third Battle of Tobal who oversaw the execution of intricate strategic plans such as commandeering Mnemeion and resurrecting Hyperion [6]. She also made immediate key tactical decisions that critically reduced the effective fighting strength of TU and the AE Anti-Knights faction, most exemplary of which is the capture of the massive particle beam satellite cannon Golden Ring [7]. In waiting for the most opportune moment to strike again, Chatterbox exercised due patience and careful deliberation which resulted into the success of her surprise first-strike during the Third Battle of Tobal. All in all, Chatterbox can effectively plan and move autonomously without having to consult with E-34 or superior Beasts.

Aside from the above, Chatterbox can also conduct information warfare, espionage, and intelligence gathering due to her human-like understanding and familiarity with human culture. She can also quickly analyze the battlespace around her to predict enemy movements both in strategic and tactical scenarios. In her fight against Van, she quickly analyzed his fight patterns and behavior which allowed Chatterbox to dodge and parry Van's strikes. Chatterbox also attempted to negotiate with Van: in exchange for allowing Chatterbox to kill Sion, she will let Van escape. Additionally, she also revealed that she persuaded Hyperion Repair to align with her. This shows that Chatterbox can recognize risks/priorities, and craft objectives.


Chatterbox used several weapons during her fights particularly the following: a separable, floating double blade that also forms as a scepter (her initial weapon); several remotely controlled floating drones; White Moth (equipped similar to an armor suit); Hyperion Repair's particle spear; Mysteltein (as a seed for the World Tree); and eight Golden Weapons. She appeared to have no difficulties in wielding any weapon she can get her hands on - in fact, Chatterbox always wielded her weapons skillfully. In addition to the above, she also made use of orbs that seemingly have unlimited storage within. These orbs produced/summoned huge rectangular containers that launched missiles upon the incoming TU forces. The containers also housed a Golden Weapon each inside.



(Introducing herself)
Chatterbox: "My name is Chatterbox...daughter of the Queen who prays to the sky with honor, Type 2 mass-production type."
(While fighting Van Nelson)
Chatterbox: "Oi human. You're at least as strong as a monster. That's impressive!"
(Planting the World Tree)
Chatterbox: "Human lights...there's still too many of them...I hate light. Go to hell, y'all."
Chatterbox: "May peace be with this world... Towards a peaceful paradise free of humans... All the flowers with blossom in around 15 minutes. It will be the end of this hideous world."
Chatterbox: "LaLaLa - The world is such a beautiful place, Mom." [8]
(Chatterbox's last words)
Chatterbox: "Mom...I did my best. So give me a pat on the shoulder." [9]