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Ronaqy Ronaqy 2 March 2018

Portable infoboxes

As part of the wiki's efforts to ensure that our viewers would have equally streamlined/optimized browsing experience, I have recently introduced new infoboxes that are "portable" i.e. compatible to both mobile and desktop.

Please check Blue Beetle, the first page adopting the changes, and then make comments/suggestions as needed. I shall continue to display the new infobox on that page only for one week. After that trial period, I would soon edit all pages to the new infobox scheme.


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Ronaqy Ronaqy 26 February 2018

New wordmark

Consistent with my proposal for . The lighter shade of the current wordmark at the top makes it difficult to read.

I nominate an edited with the "door" replaced with "wiki". I have uploaded two versions of my proposal to . For those with their own proposal, please upload it as a new version using the same file name.

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Ronaqy Ronaqy 23 February 2018

Wiki Affiliates

To further promote Knight Run and the wiki, I suggest we contact other wikis to establish affiliate relationships. Affiliate means that two wiki communities would reciprocally display each other's logo on their respective wikis as well as linking them for convenient access. Basically, we advertise another wiki who would do the same for us.

Any thoughts and/or suggestions for prospective affiliates?

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Ronaqy Ronaqy 11 February 2018

Article formatting for long pages

So some of our articles pages, particularly the characters, are already getting too long. To solve this I propose a standard solution between the following three options:

  1. Simple tabbing similar to Anne Mayer
  2. Complex tabbing similar to ToG wiki's Twenty-Fifth Baam

What do you guys think?

EDIT: I define long page as those with 30kb and above data

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Ronaqy Ronaqy 29 January 2018

New changes

UPDATE: Done with Forums, Top Nav, Community Message, and the Main Page

First off, I would like to thank Astralac for making me a Bureaucrat and Admin. As promised, I'm posting here my proposals to improve the overall display and experience of our users, and to generally make a more personalized Knight Run theme in the wiki. My benchmark for these proposals include Tower of God Wikia, Valkyria Chronicles Wikia, Attack on Titan Wikia, and Type-Moon Wikia.

1. Community and Forums

  • Objective: create a more lively community through frequent discussions and announcements in the forums
  • Actions: better design and reclassification of forums into Help Desk, General Discussions, News and Announcements
    • Help Desk for questions regarding wiki editing, formattin…
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Ronaqy Ronaqy 23 January 2018

Template for Notices

Hi guys, I have recently introduced notice templates here in the wikia. These notices can be seen immediately from the top of a page and give information to our readers. What do you guys think? If you have any suggestions, just leave a comment below.

As of this moment, we have the ff:

  • Template:Under construction - for pages that are being finished for completion with active users actually working/editing on the page

  • Template:For revision - to call the attention that this page needs revision as per its talk/comments page

  • Template:Disambig - to signify a disambiguation page

  • Template:Spoilers - to signify that the article page contains spoilers

  • Template:No resources - to signify that this article is outdated/lacking but cannot be updated due to the…

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Ronaqy Ronaqy 4 January 2018

Chapter sequence

The use of chapter sequencing is something that confuses me. As you can see from the picture on the right, each published issue is titled something like "Ep. 29 - Pray Part 27". The "Ep. 29" denotes the issue's sequence in relation to the overall published issues by Sungmin Kim, hereinafter known as "Chapter". The "Pray Part 27" is the issue's sequence in relation to each episode (in this case Main Episode-0 Pray), hereinafter known as "Part".

For purposes at least within the wiki, should we reference issues based on the Chapter or Part?

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Caffeine-Monster Caffeine-Monster 16 November 2017

Resources for Wiki Editors and Translators

Hello again. I am posting a number of Knight Run related resources that readers, Wiki contributors, and translators might be interested in. These resources are in Korean, so if you can read and understand Korean, you would be able to use information on these pages to improve the wiki pages. I've put description of these resources under the hyperlink so that non-Korean speakers can have a general idea about what these pages are about:

1. Naver's Knight Run Page (Official)


This is the official Korean Knight Run page where the author uploads free chapters of Knight Run every Saturday. If you can understand Korean, you will probably find this website useful. Even if you cannot understand Korean, you might find this page valuable since this is…

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Caffeine-Monster Caffeine-Monster 16 November 2017

A question regarding the future of official translation

Hello everyone, I had a question regarding the current state of the official translation at

It's been several weeks since the official webtoons page stopped translating Knight Run. I was wondering if the translators decided to stop releasing Knight Run for the international audience, or if the project is on hiatus.

Does anyone in this Wiki know if people at will be bringing more chapters in the future? Or is there currently another translator(s) unofficially working on Knight Run?

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Ronaqy Ronaqy 12 November 2017

Long Article Pages

The article pages Pray War and Pray Mayer are getting too long. I propose to cut Pray War down by creating separate articles for Second Battle of Arin and Third Battle of Arin. Similarly, Pray Mayer would divorce the main bulk of the info on E-34 for a separate page. Thoughts?

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Ronaqy Ronaqy 23 October 2017

Boxes and Tables

So I noticed that using Template:Box 1, Template:Box 2, and Template:Boxes end are not displaying properly on mobile view. Actually tables in general are somehow not working when seen through mobile. The specific problems are:

  1. Only one column can be seen
  2. The borders and other styling are ignored
  3. Alignment of texts are skewed when tables are applied in infoboxes
  4. All in all, they look good when in desktop but repulsive when in mobile

As such I am undertaking studies on how to remedy the situation through various trial-and-error with coding. Please watch out for the following article pages that may be affected:

  • Queen
  • List of Beasts: Type
  • List of Beasts: Number
  • List of Beasts: EX-Type
  • List of Other Beasts
  • List of Human Weapons
  • List of Human Ships
  • List of O…
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Ronaqy Ronaqy 13 October 2017

Content standard

Hi I would like to propose the possibility of establishing some sort of standards for article content in the wiki. It isn't going to shackle on the actual content but more of the structure so that there would be some kind of standard from every page. I propose the following:

  • 1 Dates
  • 2 Characters
  • 3 Battles
  • 4 Organizations/Alliances
  • 5 Planets

I actually took the liberty (or un-liberty) to make a standard here following what I have seen around the wiki pages. The format would be similar to what I published in the Cosmic Century page:

Short format: | CC 430.01.01

Long format:

dd mmmm yyy | 01 January 430 CC

Similar to Lieutenant General Tinie with sections for:

  1. Infobox - providing an overview of details
  2. Preface - some introduction with the last paragraph …

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Ronaqy Ronaqy 12 October 2017

No internet!

This is very distressing. The internet and landline from my house is busted for some reason. Now I cant continue my edits through my desktop. I am editing now on my phone but I cant do the codes properly :(

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Ronaqy Ronaqy 11 October 2017

Wikipedia links

I just noticed now that the code I used to link certain terms to wikipedia is already OUTDATED! I happened to check on the wiki through my phone and it produced this weird breaks in mid-sentences. Turns out the old wikipedia coding cannot be adopted to mobile viewing. Will prioritize fixing all links but please help me in spotting them by commenting the article page that needs fixing here. Sorry for messing up and thanks!

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Ronaqy Ronaqy 10 October 2017


I see that some pages would need infoboxes to give readers a brief but thorough gleam over an article page (also to give off that professional wikipedia feel). So I might soon begin importing infoboxes which I made for other wikias here as necessary.

Already added the ff:

  • Infobox War - for battles
  • Infobox Beast - for beasts including queens and EXs
  • Infobox Human - for human characters
  • Infobox Planet - for planets, colonies, satellites, and other celestial bodies

Will add the ff:

  • Infobox Government - for unified governments/planetary governments
  • Infobox Organization - for human organizations like alliances, Zail Family and Knight Order
  • Infobox Location - for locations such as buildings or cities
  • Infobox Ship - for ships obviously

Tell me of any infobo…

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Ronaqy Ronaqy 9 October 2017


So, I noticed I've made edits here and there. Some articles I've edited were in full such as Cosmic Century and Space Travel, but a good remainder of my edits focused only on the first few parts of a page before I go off to edit others lol.

Reminding myself to finish editing the ff:

  • Pray War - last content edit was before the Battle of Valtia
  • AE - fill in chapters with incomplete info or no info at all
  • Queen - added tabber
  • Battle of Valtia - added infobox

UPDATE as of 10/10/17 (GMT+8) - done with Queen page but no progress on the others!

UPDATE as of 10/11/17 (GMT+8) - done with AE page! will have to tackle on the monster that is the Pray War article

UPDATE as of 10/13/17 (GMT+8) - done with Battle of Valtia. Was supposed to do the Pray War but wa…

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PARiTY PARiTY 25 February 2016

Character name changes

Hi, all. I have been a great admirer of Knight Run for a while now and thought I could help contribute to this wiki and its dedicated fanbase. So, with the weekly release of official Webtoon translations, no other unofficial English translations would likely be forthcoming. That said, I was hoping if we could switch the character names here, to the ones adopted in the official English translation (Zion -> Sion, Leah Gile -> Rhea Zail, etc.), for the sake of unformity (although I do know they are not accurate) and to help new fans. Me not having any experience with contributing to a wikia, am pretty useless in that sector, though I will try my best to fill the pages with data. Hope you guys help me. Thank you!

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AvalanchCXVII AvalanchCXVII 9 June 2012

Reading the Chapters on Naver

I have just read the latest chapter on Naver for the 5th time.

I had not believed that the tragedy in any series could possibly rise that high.

I do not understand Korean.

But Knight Run, through it's medium and above all others, does not require a translation for one to understand the characters and the ordeals that they go through.

Whether it is in Episode 0 - Pray, Another Episode 1 or Another Episode 2, there are no happy endings.

The characters speak and interact and we listen and empathise.

The characters struggle with or against each other and we cheer for them.

They die and we weep.

The flashy, visually awe inspiring powers, the huge, epic space battles, they don't change a thing. Every battle is one with everything on the line. One loss a…

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Astralac Astralac 19 May 2012

Picture and photography

Wow, this picture is great. I really liked the effects. I think the original webtoon should have more vivid colors, compare the two:

Astralac 14:32, May 19, 2012 (UTC)

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Astralac Astralac 27 April 2012

Have been afk

I know i haven't been editing for some time, real life is really taking all my energy.

The thing is that my way of editing is kinda peculiar. I read the manhwa and write important info in a .txt file. When I feel like it, I use this info in an article (mostly new articles cause I like to fill gaps). The problem is i've used almost all my info, and what is left is just small unconnected pieces of info (like: "daniel and leo fought in ch8" or "pray calls instructor mairo baldie"), or general stuff that takes time to gather (like: "dry, see ch 8, 9, 15, 16, 17, 18").

So what I need is to re-read the manhwa from Ch1 and collect more info, but that will take a lot of time that i dont have now...

Also, I could just jump around making small edits, b…

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Astralac Astralac 15 March 2012

About number of pageviews

Number of visitors can be found in Admin Dashboard - Quick Stats (right down panel).

I remember seeing 2 peaks of around 1500 visits in days after manhwa releases (after Ch29 and 30 i guess), and now we have 3 days in a row with around 600 visits (after this ch31 scan release). But the problem is: after 2 to 4 days, visits start to dwindle to around zero.

This might be because I've advertised the Wiki in some Manga Scan Hosts like Batoto, Mangafox, Mangahere, Mangago (Mangaupdates always deletes my comments...), and people go to the wiki after reading the manhwa. Still, due to the number of forum thread pageviews being very low (around 300 in Batoto and Mangafox), i believe most of the pageviews are coming from my comment in Batoto's Knight …

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Astralac Astralac 5 March 2012


As the wiki develops, new issues arise and decisions have to be made. The thing is: what to do about spoilers? Should we edit articles without restraint or censor the major plot developments?

Well, maybe a bit of both: spoiler tags allow us to hide things without having to remove them from the article. But this solution has its inconvenients, it might pollute pages, making reading less easy. In Wikipedia, for instance, they are banned (see:No disclaimers in articles) cause supposedly are a manifestation of editorial restraint.

To make it short: my vision is that spoiler tags are the less bad option and should be used. I've been making some experiments with it but none worked, so if anyone has wiki/programming experience the help is much appr…

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AvalanchCXVII AvalanchCXVII 3 March 2012

Just Cause

Now there's a title that could be interpreted in two differing ways, I'm doing this for a Just Cause or I'm doing this just cause?

I really love Knight Run, it's extraordinarily underappraciated by the Scanlators due to the story heavy narrative, which required higher translation skill, rough art, and length. Though now things are looking up with Japanzai scanlating, give them a cheer at their site ya'll. I'm now trying my best to add and correct info on this Wikia, which, who knows, might get more people to read the Manwha, which might lead to more people on the project which leads to quicker releases of a higher quality-


I think I got ahead of myself there, and what the heack, I'm doing this for the points, signing off here. AvalanchCXV…

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