AB Sword Number 5. V (Masterpiece)

AB Swords are constructed using AB (Anti-Barrier) materials designed by Mother Knight that ignores the defensive super barriers that High Rank Beasts use, which render ordinary weapons useless.[1]

Note that it is not the construction of the sword itself, but the AB material, which generates AB particles that allow the swords to dissipate shields.[2][3] This has lead to a focus on higher AB particle generation rather than the durability of the sword itself, much to the disappointment of Pray.

However, it is suggested that AB swords are still extraordinarily tough, compared to normal weapons. In AE-2, Number 30. Arondight was tough enough to withstand a blow from Ray that shattered the orbital elevator with no damage whatsoever.[4]

Sword Ownership Edit

AB Swords are numbered according to the order in which they were made. They're given to a Knight when they officially become a Knight. A trainee uses alternative versions, with no numberings. However, some of these trainee swords are stated to be just as powerful as the numbered AB Swords. Sometimes, they are even tougher than the numbered AB Swords, due to other materials being mixed in place of AB materials (A trainee's sword contains less AB material than the numbered swords). This has led to several full Knights using their trainee swords over their numbered swords (Pray used her trainee sword in her battle against Anne, and only switched to Number 5. V when it was destroyed).

It has been stated that AB Swords are returned to the Knights after the death of the owner, or if the owner retires. However, this is not always the case. There have been several instances where the owners of the AB Sword kept them even after retirement. Lieutenant General Tinie kept his after defecting from the Knights and joining the AE. It's also common for families to hand down their swords as inheritances. Sometimes AB Swords are used as tombstones for the fallen Knight.

AB Sword
Number 0. Omnis Mundi
User - Kasim

Number 1. The One
User - Dry Leonhard

Number 5. V (Masterpiece)
Users - Pray, Sion, Ralph Paulo, Anne (Copy)



Number 6. ???
User - Daniel Leonhard


Number 9. Thousand Spikes (Masterpiece)

(Cheon-su, 천수,千穗)

User - Feizer

Number 10. Square
Users - Leo, Anne (Original & Copy)

Number 11. Monday
User - Anne

Number 12. Tuesday
Users - Anne, Jill McKellen

Number 13. Friday
Users - Leny, Anne (Copy), Sion (Prior to becoming Top Sword)

Number 15. Green Ring (Masterpiece)
Users - May Zail, A-10 (Copy), Lea Zail

Number 30. Arondight
User - Van Nelson

Number 32 (XXXII) - Death Scythe Alpha , Death Scythe Beta (Twin Set)
Users - Yun and Chen

Number 33. Duel
User - McCain

Number 37. Jin-Ah
User - Dry Leonhard

AB Sword 70
Number 70. ???
User - Viola

88번검 버스터
Number 88. Buster (Masterpiece)
User - Rick McCoy

96번검 트윈 스네이크
Number 96. Twin Snake
User - Lime Zail

AB Sword Number 97K
Number 97. ???
User - Lieutenant General Tinie

100번검 더원 블랙
Number 100. Another Side The One Black
User - Dry Leonhard

675번검 소울 에로우
Number 675. Soul Arrow
User - Anne (Copy)

Number 680. Armored Blade
Users - Sion, Violet

Number 999. Blue Cross (Masterpiece)
User - Lime Zail

Number 1200. Key Sword
Users - A-10, Anne

Number 1200. Human Age
User - Anne

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