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• 10/25/2018

Knight Run is being picked up by a new team!

Some awesome folks at Mangadex have picked up the series. Please show your support by leaving a comment to support the translators! I'm sure that they would appreciate your words of encouragement!

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• 2/23/2018

Wiki Affiliates

To further promote Knight Run,
I have proposed a deliberation regarding affiliations from my blog.

Please check it out and comment either here or there for your thoughts on the matter. Thanks!
Wiki Affiliates
Wiki Affiliates Knight Run Wiki
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• 2/2/2018

[Nomination] Featured pages

We would soon update our main page to have a more vibrant display that is on par with larger wikis.

As part of our efforts, we wish to get nominations for the following corners:
1. Featured Articles
2. Featured Images
3. Poll Questions (with choices)
4. Other featured XXXX as suggested

Just comment here to nominate what pages should be nominated or what other featured corners should we add to the new main page. Thanks!
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• 2/2/2018

Sion knows Pray Style?

I noticed at AE-2 (Part 76) Chapter 152 that when Sion demonstrated her "Sixty Thousand Acts of Wizardry" it included a certain Pray Style technique (highlighted on the pic).

While Sion can copy techniques just by sight alone, she cannot possibly have seen an actual Pray Style technique as she was in cryonic sleep since CC 400 at the end of the First Battle of Tobal. And then she was only resuscitated at CC 430 for the war against E-34. Meanwhile, Pray Style was created after Pray and Anne were adopted by Karen - presumably around CC 410 if they were 9~10 yrs old at that time (I'm just guessing).
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• 2/1/2018

Welcome to Knight Run Wiki Discussions!

Hi everyone! Thanks for dropping by!

This wiki is dedicated for Knight Run, a very interesting series that all of us have come to love and excitedly wait for. The wiki is meant to complement your reading experience with detailed explanations and answers (warning: can include spoilers).on the story.

This Discussions site was put up so that us fans can have more interaction with each other as well as an outlet to gush forth our cheers for the series. Please read and follow our guidelines accordingly.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or opinions, simply post it or contact any of the Knight Run Wiki admins.

Again, thank you and hope you enjoy browsing through the wiki. Let us all spread the word on Knight Run!
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